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Audiometry is the term used to describe formal measurement of hearing. The measurement is usually performed using an "audiometer" by an "audiometery". Audiometry is a subjective test--it is not an objective measurement. It depends on people pushing a button or raising their hand, when they hear a tone. Co-operation is needed.

This page is meant to give a "quick" overview of how audiometry is done and how it is interpreted.

Hearing Loss is after described as follows :

  • Normal hearing.
  • ° <25 db HL (adults)
  • ° <25 db HL (children)
  • Mild hearing loss = 25-40 db HL
  • Moderate hearing loss = 41-65 db HL
  • Severe hearing loss = 66-90 db HL
  • Profound hearing loss = 90+db HL