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The laboratory ensures speedy and accurate results and operated by a team of highly skilled medical technologists under the guidance of vastly experienced Pathologist Fine needle Aspiration cytology procedures are routinely performed and with the added convenience of USG or CT scan guided FNAC in the same premises.

Machines used are

  • Fully Automated systems KX-21 cell counter. For complete blood count and hematology
  • Biochemistry analysis (Siemens RA-50, Transasia Erba-chem pro & V2) for liver, renal, cardiac profile etc
  • AVL 9180 Electrolite by Roche, SFRT, France
  • Elisa Machine - Reader and Washer from Rayto
  • Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer, Biochemistry Clindaig, Belgium
  • Bayer- Urine Analyzer
  • ESR- Agappe Automated Machine
  • Coagulation profiler on Erba coag-uno
  • HBA, c by Nycocard Machine (Ranbaxy)
  • All Serological Investigations like VDRL, HIV, Hepatitis B, Malarial Antigen, RA test etc.
  • FNAC, Sonography guided FNAC, histopathology.
  • Hormone Assays, & other special investigations outsource to Metropolis.The immunology services have been widened to include Tumor marker studies like CEA, AFP, CA-125, CA-19-9 and others apart from the entire range of hormonal evaluations.

Preparation for Blood Test :

LIPID PROFILE: 12 hrs (Strict Fasting)
FASTING SUGAR: 8 to 10 hrs fasting
POST LUNCH: After 2 hrs of eating, complete meal.
ESR: SOS fasting
FNAC: Appointment has to be taken
SPECIALISED TESTS: Appointment to be taken with doctor