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Dietary Advice

Body is the temple of the soul. Today's fast pace demands long working hours and relentless pressures to perform and these increased pressures take a toll on your body. Thus a good health besides being a wish has a become a necessity Age less health comes from dietary and lifestyle choice.

To fulfill this primary need, to maintain good health and to live your life disease free, We at our center offer the following consultations.

Personalized Diet Plans For:

  • Optimum Health Nutrition
  • Weight Loss And Weight Gain Diet
  • Diabetes, Hyper Tension, Heart Problems
  • Arthritis, Gout, Thyroid, Renal Stones
  • Kidney Insufficiency, Dialysis Persons
  • Pregnancy And Lactation Diets
  • Suggestive Diets For PCOD, PMS and Menopaus
  • Healthy Nutritive Plan For Children

Presents Workshop On "Cooking Low Callorie Healthy Pecipes" And On Other Health Issues Like: Obesity, Menopause, Diabetes, Etc